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What is Jet Peel?

JetPeel is a patented multi-step face and body treatment system that combines the benefits of an all-natural hydrodermabrasion, a chemical peel, painless extractions, and the gentle infusion of skin nutrients. It helps to oxygenate, hydrate, exfoliate, tighten and brighten the skin for an overall more radiant complexion.

Jet Peel uses TDA (Needle-Free Transdermal) technology to deliver 16 luxurious nutrient essences directly to the fascia layer at a high speed of 450 m/s, which helps to improve long-acting oxygenation, without needles and pain.

How it works?

With the JetPeel treatment, your skin is infused with an exfoliating serum followed by a hydrating serum. The air pressure of a JetPeel treatment carries the serum over 4 millimetres into the skin where it then works its way up.

Despite the name, your skin won’t actually peel – this is due to the active ingredients penetrating so deep, which means they do not have to be used at high percentages that cause drying and flaking skin. In fact, with JetPeel, the skin remains hydrated.

What to expect?

JetPeel is a relaxing, yet highly effective medical facial treatment. Your provider starts by cleansing the skin, using a pressure wash of water and oxygen. The next step will be extractions or exfoliation, depending on your skin’s needs. Then the liquid infusion with finish off the treatment. A pen-like device is used to spray the oxygen-and-liquid cocktail on your skin.


A:This treatment combines oxygen and liquid serums to create a jet stream of micro-droplets. JetPeel is a powerful, yet gentle, jet stream that can reach a skin depth of 4.5mm and a velocity of 600 ft per second, meaning that is it able to penetrate ingredients deep into the dermis and exfoliate without causing irritation. Which makes it suitable for a number of skin conditions, including acne, scar tissue, wrinkle reduction, lymphatic drainage, hydration, skin brightening, and anti-aging treatments.

A:Yes, the treatment is not painful at all. The lymphatic drainage step is relaxing and feels like a massage.

A:Jetpeel treatment is a 60 minutes gentle airbrush treatment (mini pressure wash) of oxygen, peptides, plant stem cells, hyaluronic acid and vitamins that visibly reduces the depth of wrinkles. It improves the appearance and the texture of the skin by deeply stimulating the collagen. 

A:Depending on your skin concern we recommend between 3-6 treatments every 2-4 weeks.  You will see an immediate improvement on your skin after just one treatment, but we recommend at least 3 treatments for the most optimal results. 

A:JetPeel is ideal for clients that are looking for a needle free alternative treatments for under eye circles, hyperhidrosis, blackheads, milia, and PRP. JetPeel can also be used in pre-treatment for IPL and radiofrequency to exfoliate the skin for a more consistent procedure as well as a needle-free way to administer pre-procedure anesthetic. 

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